Kids & Adults Go for Emerald City

Visitors to the FfOR table at Eco Expo talked about the Public Promenade -- our park on the bluff overlooking the 3rd largest river in the world. They looked at its current state, future opportunities, and colored it clean, green, and fun for the future.

The Promenade runs from Union Ave. north to the Mud Island monorail station and from the river to Front Street. For more information about the park - its history, the current threat it faces, and the opportunities it holds - read through the left-hand menu bar. And if you haven’t signed up yet to help protect our public land and revitalize the Memphis riverfront, click here to get involved.

Paris - Bikes for Rent

Memphis is topographically flat, an easy ride for bikers. So is Paris, and there renting Velib' bikes has taken hold as an inexpensive, stylish, and people-friendly way to get around the city.

In Memphis Midtown Bike has moved downtown (509 S. Main) and starting in April or May will offer bike rentals. Other cities are paying careful attention to Paris; San Francisco (yes, it is hilly there) will start a bike sharing program in 2009. Click below to read about the Velib' in Paris.
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Streets - what's happening to make New Yorkers "love" them

It used to be that streets were thought of solely as a way to move cars, and the faster the better. Today their role is shifting and expanding.

NYC Commissioner of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan, who often rides her bike to work, is a leader in the government’s new view of the role streets can play as public places. Her city’s streets were recently picked as a reason to love NY. Click below to read why and about a transportation workshop on streets for the future.
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Lendermon responds to suggestion

Click below to read Benny Lendermon's response to Joe Royer's riverfront suggestion. It leads to an idea -- 2 projects that Memphis should put on its stimulus package wishlist.

The boat ramp being discussed is on the North end, MS River side of Mud Island's Greenbelt Park.

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Riverfront Suggestion

The goal -- make Memphis a better city. Here’s a riverfront suggestion from outdoor enthusiast Joe Royer. In a letter to Benny Lendermon, he asks the Riverfront Development Corp., to consider rebuilding the boat ramp at the North end of Mud Island.
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Sights we don’t often see

Snow covered Tom Lee Park this past week, and a Friend sent this beautiful and unusual photo.

And while you’re thinking BRRRrrrr - COLD,
consider a plunge in the Mississippi at the Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge & Chili Cook-off, Feb. 7 on Mud Island River Park. Or, if you prefer, just come watch, cheer, and enjoy the chili. Click here for information.